Survey and Mapping
Agriculture & Farming
UAV Stockpile Processing

CGD Map  - Mapping & Surveying Services

Providing mapping and measuring for urban planning, terrain modelling, large scale mapping and more. Certified by Transport Canada, CG Drones handles the certifications, regulations, insurance and compliance requirements. A complete risk transfer, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

CGD Crop - Agriculture Health Reports

CG Drones will capture aerial imagery using RGB sensors, multispectural and infrared imaging to digitize your land and provide data, allowing you to make informed crop management decisions. By exploring vegetation index maps you can understand plant stress, as well as validate and sustain insurance claims with visual proof.

CGD Earth - Earthworks/Remediation Services

CG Drones provides complete aerial mapping from individual stockpiles to complete earthwork sites. The imagery is reviewed and processed to give you comprehensive coverage of intricate areas, resulting in precise volumetric measurements.

Infrastructure Inspections
Drones for Marketing and Film

CGD BIM - Building Information Modeling 

Building Information Modelling and UAV technology are the perfect application from inception of a project to completion. CG Drones provides regularly updated orthophotos or 3D models created from aerial images. Drones assist in daily time management of infrastructure and construction projects by identifying risks that could lead to potential delay.

CGD Inspect - Utility and Asset Inspections

By performing aerial inspections CG Drones reduces the risk incurred through traditional inspection methods, whilst performing more cost effectively and efficiently. Aerial inspections can identify structural defects and visualize details from multiple angles. Thermal behavior of any structure can also be captured. This combination of sensor outputs provides detailed decision-making data.

CGD Media - Aerial Video, Time-Lapse & Photography

Our pilots and production team have been involved in over 50 television productions and numerous tourism and corporate projects. Marketers and film makers realize that drones are a powerful tool, able to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming, and create great and innovative video content.



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