Earthworks is the engineering process that involves the excavation (cut) and the movement (fill) of materials and rock for the purpose of preparing
a job site to a designed specification.

Earthworks are commonly a preliminary step in construction projects, both in large civil construction (roads, bridges, dams, canals, etc.) and vertical construction (site grading for buildings).

CG Drones applies its drones and expertise to earthworks projects to quickly capture the topography of a site, to then calculate stockpile volume measurements and quickly manipulate the data to determine cut and fill opportunities.



CG Drones have become a valuable service on many high profile construction sites. By providing timely and frequent aerial data analysis, a project manager can quickly determine budget impact, resource planning and profitability.

It’s the fastest way to know how much material you have, how much you must move, how many trucks you are going to need and budget accordingly.

Drone derived point cloud data sets contains millions of data points and provide the fastest and most economical way to establish base soil volumes for project planning by work zone, sub-task and by class of material. It also allows our clients a powerful window into how much material can be allocated for back-fill or compaction, or allocated for road or other project infrastructure or sent off for disposal. Finally, it establishes a framework for equipment scheduling and budgeting with a degree of precision that cannot be replicated with traditional survey methods in a comparable time-frame.

CG Drones can establish surveyed ground control points, fly the mission and perform the photogrammetry all at once.  For those that understand RTK vs. PPK, ground control points are recommended in both circumstances.  By having a crew that can perform both the ground work and the aerial work, a turnkey solution is in place and a better understanding of the project at hand.

By providing our clients with 2D and 3D imagery, there is a clear understanding of how the data relates to the earthworks being performed.


The data is available in a variety of formats, from CSV, PDF, TIFF, DXF, JPEG and LAZ, so it can be used or imported into any report or AutoCAD project. By providing a point cloud containing millions of measurements, additional calculations can be made from each aerial mission.

CG Drones commercial services are used across Canada. To provide a direct service to its clients or to establish proper workflows for clients to maintain the requirements of current Transport Canada regulations.

For more information about the service offerings of CG Drones Inc., whether it be for earthworks or for Ultra High Definition Video or Thermal Video inspections, visit or contact Stuart Stacey, VP/CTO at (905) 841-1848 x 112

CG Drones Inc. is a Division of The Cannington Group. An environmental remediation company, providing a broad range of services across Ontario since 1976.