CG Drones provides quality drone services, thanks to our knowledge of the issues involved in the design and construction of a wide range of projects in our various areas of expertise. Our experience allows us to select the digital surveying equipment and technologies that are best-suited to the context and the needs of our clients. From surveying the existing conditions to a combination of UHD video and thermography in a single pass inspection. We work with our clients to address their requirements and offer solutions, in order to optimize investment.



Advanced aerial mapping of earthworks and excavations to stockpiles and volumetrics.
The ground survey and aerial data is processed to provide clients with comprehensive coverage of intricate areas. The results are centimeter level accuracy in a fraction of the time and cost that traditional survey work takes.



Aerial surveys and GCP's for measuring, orthometrics, mapping and more. CG Drones manages all certifications, regulations, insurance and compliance requirements. A single flight mission is capable of rendering a topographic, 2D and 3D image when coordinated. Processing and providing data in any format your team would require.



Utilizing zoom and thermal cameras, aerial inspections can identify electrical and structural defects faster and safer. This combination of cameras provide decision-making data quickly and cost effectively. Communication, utility towers, solar farms, roofs, stacks. Review in real-time or save it to review later with your staff and contractors. 



CG Drones has over 30 years of experience in marketing and multimedia productions. We have worked on numerous television productions from aerial capture to full productions. Communication departments and production companies realize the power of drones. Contact us about our in-house capabilities.

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Alan Gibbins, President

Alan offers over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to many business sectors, including the commercial aircraft industry, where he specialized in manufacture and support. Alan is an accomplished manned and unmanned pilot, diver and is experienced in marketing, video and television production. Alan has managed over 50 television productions and numerous corporate projects.


CG Drones is fully licensed and Certified in commercial / advanced operations for day and night. We are proudly affiliated or members of many leading industry associations and organizations.

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